Saturday, January 11, 2014


Here are a few Preemie Quilts and a Doll Quilt waiting to be quilted. I started working on this year's batch last week. So far, I have about ten of them done. The scrap donation pile never seems to get
These quilts may have to wait a bit before being quilted since I started quilting this flannel quilt with a flannel back. It gives my arms a workout. After doing the straight line quilting -- four horizontal and four vertical lines -- I'm going to quilt from the outside in. I find that makes it easier to maneuver the quilt. It also helps me know where I've been and where I'm going. Thread without much contrast with the fabric can be challenging. This will be one project that I quilt during the day since the machine sits next to a window with great light. Quilting on this at night makes it more of an adventure, and I don't want to be picking stitches out of 2 layers of flannel and batting.

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